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Fantasy photographers Checklist

I started my fantasy style during covid lockdown and to be honest I have gotten a lot of my essentials straight from Amazon. Or I bought materials from Amazon for the things I created. 

I have decided to start sharing links to some of my favorite items that have made the biggest difference to me. I will be adding props, wardrobe essentials and even some of my equipment. 

My favorite prop... 

This sword has been used far more than any of my other props. Its weight give it a very authentic feeling and allows it to move quite realistically while also being very smooth around all the edges. 

My favorite part about this sword is watching peoples reaction when they pick it up. Their entire body language changes as they take on the sword. *I use a bit of Windex on it before photos and it shines so well in the light! Although it looks like there are only 2 left, hopefully they restock! 

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