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The beginning of deliberate documentation

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This project was the first time I spent time planning out self portraits in a way that was symbolic and expressive.

What if?

It always seems to start that way, just a thought. In real life I love to tell crazy stories and I used my hands so express and emphasize those stories. I used multiple exposures of my hands to show the crazy stories in my head.

I realize that sometimes my own angst is my own thoughts... what if it wasn't?

Life to Neisha

Inspired by Michelangelo's painting "The creation of Adam", I loved the original painting of God giving life to Adam. Here I have made myself so caught up in my own mind that I can not receive life from myself. The life giving me looks upon me like "Girl, just open your eyes and take my hand!"

God was originally accompanied by his angels, I am not but I wore butterfly sweater because it brings me comfort.


This is the day I find out what medication might be best for me.

This project has meant a lot to me. Its helped me cope with my break down. Its helped me talk to my followers about not only my own mental health but theirs too. It was scary putting something like this up for my clients to see, but here I am. I'm not hiding it anymore. And I am proud that every image is a self portrait and I did everything about this project entirely on my own.

Thanks for reading!

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