William Inder

   William Inder became my friend sometime in 2018 when we were both struggling with different aspects of our lives. His personality has always stood out to me as well as anyone who meets him. There is an intensity about him that many of us are drawn to with his outgoing mannerisms. Everywhere we go he strikes up conversation... on the street, at the bar, during dinner he might offer a dance to someone's wife and fill the room with her laughter and swing her back in the arms of her husband. 

    Will is a modern day Renaissance man. His knowledge runs deep in vast subjects, just ask him anything. I am amazed at the things he is able to build and create. My favorite of all though is just painting with him in his studio apartment downtown Tulsa. He creates emotionally moving large scale artwork that is usually inspired by those around him, particularly the women in his life. Not always women he falls in love with because Will cares deeply for the many types of relationships/friendships he has in his life. For this reason many of his paintings and drawings feature the faces of his friends. And Ghost. Where you find Will, you may very likely find a little beer drinking ghost along his heels.

    I was still living in Tulsa at the time I took these photos, but I was going to be moving in just a couple days to join Eugnell in Oklahoma City, I realized our painting sessions and conversations were going to become few and far between and then the thought crossed my mind that maybe I wouldn't be able to hang out like this in this apartment ever again. I told Will that maybe this would be our last time hanging out  like that. He told me to shut up. So, I asked if I could take some photo and video of him and he agreed. 

    He painted, he sang, he drank, he laughed, he was sad, he danced and he painted more... 

To view more of his artwork on instagram... https://www.instagram.com/inderwilliam/