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Cupid and their bow


My heart always ached for Cupid, to be the God of Love but to struggle so hard with love of his own. To be blessed to be around such beauty and to have such beauty, but to suffer from its brutal curse. 

Cupid has always been an important character for me being born on Valentines Day. I have found myself entranced by Psyche's love for Cupid and how she wouldn't give up until she was reunited with him again. How that love was based upon her interactions with him that they had when she was unable to see him. They developed their love on how they spoke to each other and touched each other's bodies. 

How easily jealousy can torment true love. 

This project was really exciting to put together. I have been wanting to push my concepts and character development in my art and this particular project was a bit of test run to see how that process could go. I am really happy with how this set came out and I also see a ton of different ways I could expand upon diving into character development and story telling. I am addicted to ethereal lighting and fine art photography! 

Thanks for reading! 


Model: Aaron Imaginal

Assistance: Carmen Franklin & Stacy Rose Lott

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