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For the last several months I have had my bookings closed. I moved back to Oklahoma City and spent time healing.

Upon reopening I wanted to make some changes to my process to achieve a higher level experience for my clients. 

Many of my self portraits carry layers of symbolism and I believe creating my self portraits in this way has helped me cope with many things going on in my life. Through this process, I've created a visual walking path of milestones. When I look back at an image from a few years ago, I think of those symbolism's and even the pain I was going through and somehow I find it empowering me.

I want to share that catharsis with my clients.

a beautiful angel with long red hair in the forest

Step into a world of enchantment,
where your fantasies come to life,
and your inner goddess shines brightly

Celebrate you with a luxury studio experience. Come and be pampered by me and a team to create unique art for you.

Outdoor Fantasy Photography


Combining natural locations and special effects for simple

and magical fantasy sessions starting at $200

Perfect for fall and spooky sessions 

What to expect next?

Once I have gotten your information, I will reach out to set up your photoshoot!

I require a retainer to officially book your session and set your photoshoot date.

Things to think about before our first meeting:
What theme or themes do you like?

(dark, earthy, angelic, magical, mystical or something else) 

What would you like to represent in your images?
Your level of modesty you'd like to display?
What is most important to you?

I cant wait to create art with you! Thank you so much for your interest.


Thanks for submitting! I will contact you as soon as I can

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